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Project information

Mama needs a nap...I mean app.

The inception of "Mama Needs An App" stemmed from a personal necessity to develop a solution catering to the diverse needs of mothers. Drawing from my own experiences as a busy mom, I identified three fundamental requirements: appointment tracking, engaging activities for children during errands, and convenient tipping assistance.

Recognizing the common challenges faced by mothers juggling multiple responsibilities, I embarked on a mission to conceptualize and develop an app that seamlessly integrates these essential functionalities into a user-friendly platform.

To address the challenge, I meticulously crafted "Mama Needs An App" to encompass the core needs identified. The app features robust appointment tracking capabilities, ensuring mothers can efficiently manage their schedules. Moreover, it offers a diverse array of engaging activities tailored to occupy children during errands, thereby alleviating parental stress. Additionally, the inclusion of a convenient tipping calculator simplifies financial transactions, providing practical assistance in day-to-day scenarios.