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When continuous improvement meets a newsletter.

The first time I opened up an email from the CI Times, I was blinded with unbranded and out-of-left-field graphics (hello, clip art!). It didn't take long for me to volunteer to become editor of the newsletter.

The first problem to address was the clip art that was used. I don't have a before image of this simply because I didn't save it. The content was all over the place, much like the graphics. I made the messaging more clear by sticking to the intented purpose of the newsletter. That alone was enough to quickly catch the attention of the corporate Continuous Improvement team. Entering the chat now is inDesign.

And that wasn't the last place that we reached. Not long after our distribution rose to reach a global audience, corporate's communications and marketing team gave us a hand with some branding ideas. Collaborating with them was a highlight to me as they gave me some pointers and approached me professionally. Their willingness to collaborate and not take away or diminish what my team had done was the biggest compliment.

What started as a small pet project among my department's CI Team became a corporate-wide global internal newsletter.