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An Original Drama Feature Screenplay

73,000. That’s how many World War II soldiers are still missing. When I first heard that number, it took my breath away. From that one war, 73,000 families still don’t know what happened to their loved ones.

And my family was one of them. My father’s Uncle Eugene went missing flying over the Hump in 1944. That was when my family changed forever. My grandmother stopped talking about him altogether, and it carried on even after her death. I remember anytime Eugene came up, my grandmother would lower her voice as if she didn’t want to disturb my great-grandmother’s ghost.

His crash site was never found…until December 7, 2006. That was the day the “Hot As Hell” crash site was discovered, but not by any government official. It was an American businessman who found it while on vacation. And we weren’t contacted by the government about this. That businessman took it on himself to contact the families, relying on genealogy forums to get the word out.

Using the pieces of information I could get from conversations with my late grandmother, Eugene’s only sister, news articles, and handwritten letters from Susan, I found everything I could to put together this story. It’s a true story of love and loss and the heartbreak and bittersweet victories of being a POW/MIA family. But that’s not what makes it special. It’s the love of the characters and the fact that a small-town family finally got the government to do what’s right.